Pet Products

We have a team of knowledgeable, highly qualified staff at Cox and Robinson that can advise and help you keep your pet healthy. See below for the products that we keep in stock:

Pet Food
James Wellbeloved
Pedigree Chum – tins and dry food
Wagg Bunny Brunch and Optimum Pellets
Gerty Guinea Pig

We sell our own brand range of dog food for working dogs which are all VAT FREE and excellent value. The range includes a gluten free product, a chicken and rice maintenance feed, chicken, rice and vegetable and a wholemeal mixer. All sold in 15kg bags.

Any other brands that we don’t stock we can easily get in on request such as Hills. We have deliveries every week from our suppliers.

Wormers and Treatments
Drontal wormer tablets
Frontline Spot on treatment
Panacur liquid or granules

Dog Treats
Winalot Shapes
Chew Sticks and Tripe Sticks
Denta Sticks (Small,Medium,Large)
Gravy Bones
Pig Ears
(Both the Markies and Winalot shapes are sold in small and big boxes)

We also keep in stock a small range of beds, toys and leads for your pets.

The majority of our poultry feed is from Mole Valley Farmers and is either in 20kg or 25kg bags however we do sell smaller quantities of layers pellets, mixed corn, chick crumbs and grit.

Layers Pellets and Mixed Corn (as well as Allen and Page organic)
Poultry Growers
Turkey Finisher and Grower
Poultry Plain
Chick Crumbs
Mixed Grit
Oyster Shell Grit

Bedding – straw, hay, shavings
Chicken drinkers and feeders in a range of sizes plastic or galvanised

Poultry Wormer
Flubenvet – fed in the feed.

Poultry Health Products
Red Mite Powder
Red Mite Concentrate
Poultry Drink
Poultry Spice
Louse Powder
Scaly Leg
Anti feather pecking spray
Omega Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Mint Garlic
Poultry Life Guard

Bird Food
Wild Bird Seed
Fat Balls (Small and Large)
Niger seed
Sunflower seeds and hearts
Bird Feeders for peanuts and niger seed

Mealworms that are a popular choice with all poultry (1ltr&3ltr containers)

We also sell Allen and Page pygmy goat mix, Mole Valley Sow Breeder nuts and Pig Grower pellets.

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